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“Employment at Donlin Gold provides well-paying job opportunities in a remote part of the state. These positions will allow Donlin Gold employees to stay in the region, subsist and support their families. One of the most important aspects of Donlin Gold is our partnerships with the Native Corporations and the people of the region”

Shaun Tygart
Human Resources Manager,
Donlin Gold LLC

NOVAGOLD’s Commitment to People

At NOVAGOLD, our core values revolve around empowering each employee to reach their full potential, providing opportunities for every individual to make a meaningful impact, and ensuring that every voice is heard.


At Donlin Gold, commitment to supporting local Alaska Native communities is demonstrated through various initiatives. This includes prioritizing local hiring preferences, fostering employment opportunities, providing assistance to business enterprises, promoting economic diversification, preserving subsistence lifestyles, and offering preferential contract considerations for suppliers owned by Native individuals or entities. These efforts align with specific Alaska Native employment and contracting requirements outlined in life-of-mine agreements with Calista and TKC. Our focus as the project advances remains unwavering on developing programs that benefit local communities. These programs encompass enhancements to infrastructure, support for education and health services, preservation of cultural heritage, creation of employment and business prospects, generation of income through the mining lease and surface use agreements with Calista and TKC, respectively, and a commitment to environmental restoration and protection.

NOVAGOLD and Donlin Gold People
  2021 2022 2023
Direct hires for Donlin Gold’s field program were Alaska Natives 70% 82% 80%
Donlin Gold LLC employees are Alaska Natives and Tribal Members 50% 47% 53%
NOVAGOLD’s employees are women 46% 46% 46%
NOVAGOLD’s employees are ethnic minorities 8% 8% 8%
NOVAGOLD’s Board members are women 30% 30% 27%
NOVAGOLD’s Board members are ethnic minorities 40% 30% 36%
Donlin Gold LLC employees are women 21% 21% 24%
Chairman's Interview

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