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Community Investment

Our community investment strategy is tailored to address specific local needs, while upholding the fundamental principles of inclusivity and transparency. To ensure the effectiveness of our initiatives, Donlin Gold actively engages with local stakeholders, aiming to enhance both our impacts and their aspirations for sustainable community development. This collaborative approach forms the basis for identifying and executing community investment projects. The community relations team at Donlin Gold consistently engages with local community representatives, working closely to pinpoint and prioritize development projects capable of creating enduring, self-sustaining legacies, and significant improvements in livelihoods. Donlin Gold proudly supports a broad spectrum of organizations and causes, including youth sports, scholarships, and search and rescue, among others. As a potential economic catalyst for host communities, the aim is to enhance wellbeing and reduce poverty. In the commitment to fostering lasting positive change, the goal is to deliver sustainable benefits extending beyond the operational life of the mine.

Community Investment

In an impactful initiative, Donlin Gold has partnered with the Bethel Community Services Foundation and the Aruqutet Project on a regional program aimed at tackling food insecurity throughout the Bethel community. Presently, the program has enrolled over 550 local households, and the active involvement of local staff and dedicated volunteers has proven to be instrumental in its success. As noted previously, in partnership with the village of Napaimute, Donlin Gold was the primary supporter of the sixth annual “In It for The Long Haul” backhaul program. This crucial initiative focuses on collecting, removing, and safely disposing of household hazardous and electronic waste from villages across the Y-K region. This effort aims to prevent the adverse impact of such waste on landfills and waterways.

Both NOVAGOLD and Donlin Gold collaborate in advancing education. NOVAGOLD annually funds a scholarship at the University of Alaska, tailored for underrepresented students majoring in Mine Engineering and Geology, contributing significantly to nurturing talent in these vital professional fields. Education takes center stage in Donlin Gold’s community engagement initiatives, underscoring a resolute commitment to advancing educational opportunities in Alaska. Through a close partnership with Alaska Resource Education, Donlin Gold actively supports the mission of educating Alaskan students about the state’s rich natural resources and further shows its dedication to education by endorsing the Alaska School Activities Association, a statewide non-profit overseeing and supporting high school interscholastic sports, academic, and fine arts activities.

In addition, Donlin Gold supports the Alaska EXCEL program – a non-profit providing supplemental academic, career and technical education for rural youth and young adults across the Y-K region.

Numerous student interview preparation sessions took place in the first quarter, with four more planned over the next two quarters. Through this rigorous process, the students receive high school credits toward graduation as well as concurrent college credits.

As an enduring sponsor of the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Donlin Gold actively recruits and places local Elders in Y-K schools, fostering the exchange of traditional knowledge and values, enriching the educational experience for students in the region. Donlin Gold has further strengthened its sponsorship of the First Alaskans Institute, actively participating in key events like the Elders & Youth Statewide Conference and the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention, contributing to cultural enrichment and fostering meaningful community engagement. Additionally, Donlin Gold provides support to the Rural Alaska Honors Institute, offering Alaska Native and Y-K region students a chance to experience college life. The program includes an in-dorm experience at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, college credit courses, and outdoor activities, enhancing their educational journey.

Community Investment

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