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2023 People Performance

For the 2023 Donlin Gold site work program, 80% of the direct hires by Donlin Gold LLC were Alaska Natives from 18 villages in the Y-K region. This marks a slight decrease from the 82% of direct hires who were Alaska Natives from 24 villages in the Y-K region in 2022. However, it’s important to note that this slight downward trend in the percentage of Alaska Native hires and villages represented also coincides with a smaller 2023 field program and a reduced workforce at the Donlin Gold site overall. Additionally, in 2023, Donlin Gold welcomed 24 new hires, with 88% being male and 12% female. Among these hires, 46% were aged 30 and under, 42% were between the ages of 31-45, and 12% were over the age of 45. Notably, 96% of the new hires were Alaska Natives, with the remaining recruits originating from elsewhere in the U.S.

2023 People Performance

Employee Turnover

In 2023, the turnover rate was approximately 11% at Donlin Gold and 0% at NOVAGOLD.

Chairman's Interview

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