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Donlin Gold LLC

Donlin Gold LLC promotes economic self-reliance among Native communities through hiring preferences and employment opportunities, business enterprise support, economic diversification, maintenance of subsistence lifestyles, and preferential contract consideration for Native-owned suppliers. As noted above, these are consistent with the specific Alaska Native employment and contracting requirements included in the life-of-mine agreements with Calista and TKC. As the project progresses, we will continue to focus on developing programs that benefit local communities, including improved infrastructure, support for education and health services, cultural heritage preservation, employment and business opportunities, income from royalty streams and compensation payments, and environmental restoration and protection.

For the 2021 drill program, 70 percent of Donlin Gold LLC’s direct hires were Alaska Natives from 20 villages in the Y-K region. In 2020, 80 percent of the direct hires were Alaska Natives from 18 villages in the Y-K region. This is a continuation of the success of Donlin Gold LLC’s local hiring program initiated during the exploration phase, and clearly demonstrates that the development of a skilled local workforce is an achievable goal.

Access to training and education are two of the important areas where we collaborate with our Native Corporation partners. For example, scholarships are awarded to students selected by Calista and TKC and funded by Donlin Gold LLC. Calista has awarded over $360,000 in scholarships to 390 students, 264 of whom attended, or are attending, Alaska post-secondary institutions. Among the scholarship recipients there are 45 Y-K villages represented, with chosen majors including business, education, engineering, health, humanities, and Indigenous studies.

Lead geologist Catherine Kim looks at a core sample in the Donlin Gold core shack.
Lead geologist Catherine Kim looks at a core sample in the Donlin Gold core shack.

Access to training and education are two important areas in which we collaborate with our Alaska Native Corporation partners. Again in 2021, Donlin Gold LLC was the primary sponsor of Lower Kuskokwim School District’s annual college and career fair, which was held virtually in April, with participation by a record 42 vendors and over 100 students. Donlin Gold LLC also sponsored the annual Best in the West competition at the Kuskokwim campus of the University of Alaska to encourage and support the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

A Donlin Gold LLC workforce training and development plan will be implemented prior to construction and production activities. In addition, Donlin Gold LLC will continue to foster a work environment that recognizes the unique nature of the region’s Alaska Native culture. Essential items that will be considered in the development of the project include the importance of subsistence harvesting activities, cross-cultural training for employees and supervisors, family relationships, and providing local employment.


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